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Get More Sponsors for you Event!

How to get event sponsors


Many events today utilize sponsorship's to fund portions of their events. Give real value to your sponsors by providing the ultimate in audience visibility.

Captivate Attendees

It’s virtually impossible to ignore what’s being shown on a screen as bright and large as an led wall. This means you will capture the attention of everyone at the event. Once they are already looking, half of your marketing efforts will have been fulfilled.

Bright & Vivid LED Walls

Add Value To Sponsors

Fading away, are the days of a cheap banner or emcee giving a quick mention. Sponsors are looking for the most impact for their dollars spent.

Banners Vs. LED Walls

Led walls not only create impact for your event, they bring BIG value to your sponsors and their content. Our LED video walls will leave a lasting impression that your sponsors and guests will remember.

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