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Entertainer Packages

Oklahoma City Audio Rental

$199/1 Day/Wknd

Oklahoma City Audio Rental

$299/1 Day/Wknd

Oklahoma City Audio Rental


  • Yamaha 6 Channel Mixer

  • 1 Wired Microphone

  • iPod/Computer/Phone connector

Oklahoma City Audio Rental
Myxx Productions
Oklahoma City Audio Rental

$349/1 Day/Wknd

Portable Speakers

JBL Eon 712

JBL Eon 712

  • 12" Powered Speakers

  • 1300 Watts each

  • Class D amplification

  • JBL Waveguide Technology

  • Bluetooth

  • Onboard DSP, EQ, and wireless remote via Bluetooth

                      $79/Day  (Priced per speaker, per day)

Line Array

McCauley M.Line Series


The M.LINE™ Line Array Series is a high performance, high fidelity sound reinforcement system. M.LINE™ line array modules are available in four models; three full range modules, and one low frequency module. All three full range modules are identical, except each generates a different horizontal coverage pattern; the M60 features a 60° pattern. (while the M90 and M120 delivers a 90° and 120° horizontal coverage pattern).












What makes the M.LINE™ series unique, is that even though each full range module features a different horizontal coverage pattern, each M.LINE™ module is engineered to operate in tangent with any other M.LINE™ module, when deployed within the same “line array” column. Sound designers can “mix and match” horizontal dispersion patterns within the same array. Coverage zones can be easily defined and highly targeted, resulting in a perfectly coherent vertical coverage pattern and highly consistent sound from the nearest listening position to the back of the room. The M.Line utilizes a 3-way biamplified complement of twin 8.8” cone drivers and a 1” exit extended high frequency compression driver



Oklahoma City Audio Rental
PRO AUDIO Rental Oklahoma City

Contact us to discuss the best package and options to fit your exact needs and budget. CLICK HERE for a quick quote via email.  




  • Self Powered 

  • Rugged, versatile enclosures

  • Power Handling: 3200W Peak, 1600W Program, 800W Continuous

Oklahoma City Audio Rental

Stage Monitors

EAW MW15​​ 

  • LF: 15-in cone, vented, coaxial with HF

  • HF: 1x 1.4 in exit, 3 in. voice coil compression driver, Horn-loaded

  • Operating Mode:

  • Single-amp LF/HF; Bi-amp LF, HF

  • High pass filter; DSP w/2-way filters

Power Handling / Impedance (Watts @ Ohms)

  • LF: 1000 @ 8

  • >HF: 150 @ 8

  • Full Range: 1000 @ 8

Rent EAW MW15 Oklahoma City


  • 70° x 70° coverage for even and smooth response on and off axis

  • 1.5" annular polymer diaphragm compression driver 

  • 12" Differential Drive® woofer for high-power capacity and very lightweight

  • Dual NL4 connectors facilitate "daisy chaining" 

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