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Lighting Makeover @ Myxx Productions

As we continue our mission to become

Oklahoma's choice for affordable audio, stage & lighting

rentals, we knew our lighting department needed a little help to compete with the larger A/V houses locally.

For the task we reached out to

nationally known lighting designer

Steven Hall to take over the task of designing a lighting rig that would provide our customers with tons of wow factor without breaking their budget.

He most certainly delivered! With 30 new moving heads, 40 LED spots, 24 LED wash fixtures, 4 audience blinders and one of the top lighting consoles in the industry, we are thrilled and ready to take our set designs the next level.

MA onPC Control Wing

Chauvet Professional Rogue 2

Elation WW2 Audience Blinders

Super Bright 7 x 12 RBGWA-UV Wash


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